Only the finest hand-crafted pieces are made at Gio Jewels. Our company works with the highest quality of materials in order to ensure optimal use of our products. Gio Jewels pieces are meant for every-day use and last a lifetime. All of our materials are suitable for sensitive skin.

Our company creates unique products with a Mediterranean touch. Gio Jewels' belief is straightforward. Simplicity is the ultimate key. Our company always encourages all who are fashion-oriented to keep up with the latest trends.

925 Sterling Silver

925 Sterling Silver is the material from which most of our jewelry is made of. Sterling Silver is known to be durable and does not change colour in the long run. Our Sterling Silver products are also coated in Rhodium, leaving a finer effect on our pieces.

Gold Plated 925 Sterling Silver (vermeil)

Many people adore gold jewelry, therefore, we offer the look for less! Our Vermeil products are coated with a layer of 14 karat gold and has a base of Sterling Silver. In order to preserve it's colour as long as possible, it is reccomended to keep Vermeil jewelry out of of water and other substances such as soaps, chlorine or skincare as chemicals are known for ruining the plating.

Gold Filled

Gold Filled jewelry is the next best thing for gold-lovers! This material offers an ever-lasting gold colour that does not fade away. It is essentially a layer of gold (usually made of at least 5% gold) mechanically bonded to a base metal. It is tarnish-resistant and will usually maintain its golden shine for a lifetime.

14KT Gold

14KT gold is our most expensive material for good reason! It's made to last forever. Solid gold items are good investment purchases because they hold value in time. Jewelry made in solid gold are is very good because they require no maintenance since they do not change colour or cause allergic reactions.